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the community cinema network

Driftwood Cinema supports a network of locally run community cinemas across South West Scotland. Together we bring the cinema experience to rural and underserved communities.

How we support you

Driftwood provides a range of services to support communities to start up, run and grow a cinema right in the heart of your community.

We have been supporting community and independent cinemas across the South West of Scotland since 2014, and now provide support to over 20 communities.

We are the regional delivery partner for Regional Screen Scotland's "A Cinema Near You" programme, and a Film Hub Scotland supported organisation.

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Start-up Support Packages - If your community is thinking about starting a cinema, then we have a range of support packages to enable you to make your ideas a reality. These include:

Engaging with your community to get local interest

Plan your first season of films

Get necessary licences

Subsidise screenings with funding from various sources

Technical training & advice on running a screening - including low cost equipment hire or advice on procurement of your own

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Technical support, equipment hire, supply and install - Whatever stage you're at, we can provide technical support to help you to get the best out of your screening equipment and venue. We can;

Provide advice on improving your current setup, including: acoustic set up, venue acoustics, projection, accessible screenings, streaming media, and P.A. add ons.

Design and procure new equipment, including supplier management and installation.


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Film licencing and programming - We have been supporting community cinemas for almost 10 years, so we know a bit about what licences are required, and how to book the right one for your needs.

We connect with regional and national film organisations to see what films are due for release, and what is well received with your audience demographic. We can help you to narrow down a programme for your regular film nights, or assist in planning a special season of films to focus on a particular genre, or subject matter of interest.

We can also get discounts on licence bookings.

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Thinking about starting a community cinema?

Contact us to have a chat about your plans and how we may be able to help you.

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