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Borrowed Pasture – Tues 31st Mar 2020

We love archive documentaries and footage and to expand the VCC offering we thought we would trawl the archives of the BBC, ITV and Channel 4 to pick out some little gems that look back at the way we worked, played and lived around the UK and the rest of the world.
We are starting with a 30 minute documentary from 1960 called Borrowed Pasture. You can of course watch it anytime, but how about sitting down with a cup of Bovril or hot chocolate on Tuesday 31st March at 7:30pm and watch along with everyone?
Richard Burton narrates this stunning film of two Polish soldiers struggling to make a living from a derelict farm in Carmarthenshire.
Eugenius Okolowicz and Vlodek Bulaj, soldiers exiled after serving in the Second World War, sought shelter in Wales. They came upon a desolate hillside farm which had lain unoccupied and decaying for 20 years. Neither of the Poles had farmed before, but the land was cheap because it was unwanted. This film tells the story of the men’s 12th year living at Penygaer. But it is more the tragic story of the price they have paid for poor independence and of their unending struggle, in loneliness and hardship, to be themselves.
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Here’s the link to the programme if watching on your computer: borrowed-pasture or search for Borrowed Pasture under Documentaries on the BBC iPlayer on your TV.